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The Immanent Savage: Residential Schools through Foucault, Deleuze, and Žižek

This short essay represents an extended tract based on an assignment for EDUC3400/FNDS3300 at York University. Here are the pertinent assignment details:

Find an image on the Ontario Archives website (see link below) that raises a problem or question for your affinity area. Post the image to your group discussion forum on Moodle and write a post that addresses the following:

  • Describe the image and the problem or question it raises in relation to your affinity theme;
  • Draw on the assigned readings to contextualize the image;
  • Share one or two questions you might pose to students to help them discuss this image and its significance for thinking about your affinity area in the history of education.

I chose to include this essay in my portfolio because it represents not only an assignment on which I went over and above research expectations, but also a time when my interest in education carried me away.

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A Treatise on the Cultural Tree (In Lieu of the Cultural Iceberg)

For EDUC 2000: Teaching and Learning in the Inclusive classroom, we were assigned, with the help of the above image, and with Laura E. Pinto’s From Discipline to Culturally Responsive Engagement, to develop a cultural iceberg. In the process, I began to think more on the implications of the “iceberg” as a representation of the visible and hidden self. Below are my thoughts, as well as some pictures of the “iceberg” assignment that I created.

My cultural tree essay and photographs demonstrates my commitment to excellence in the realm of teaching and my passion for expanding and thinking intensely about everything that we discuss in the Faculty. I was intent tis year not to let any opportunities for growth to pass me by. I set out to achieve an average of above 90% and I think that I have almost certainly done that. This assignment in particular reminds me that I always attempt to put extra effort into my work—even when, perhaps especially when, all that is at stake is my own investment and involvement. That is, this particular assignment was not for marks, will not be read by anyone, and in fact was completed by most as short jot notes on lined paper. That my example is so detailed in spite of all of that speaks to my commitment to the field of education.

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